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We have been delivering products for the world’s leading brands. Our relationships are built on trust and reliability. We offer a low-risk, legal operating base worldwide.

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We have innovative products operated by our experienced teams in-destination, providing local customer support.

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Our team has global knowledge and local expertise to deliver the best products with international standards.

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Depending on the characteristics and needs of your business, we offer various payments methods and plans.


Handpicked Holiday Rentals

Kalkan, Bezirgan , 2 rooms, Private Pool Villa,UU149

Our villa in Bezirgan, Kalkan is a luxury honeymoon destination with a private pool and garden. It offers 2 rooms, 3 beds, and is perfect for up to 5 guests. Enjoy nature scenery and a host of amenities for a memorable stay.
Kalkan / Bezirgan
5 People / Private Pool
149 €

Kalkan, Merkez , 4 rooms, Private Pool Villa,CC234

Our villa in Kalkan's Merkez resort offers a private pool, garden, and sea views. With 4 bedrooms, it comfortably accommodates 8 guests. Enjoy BBQs, foosball, and a swing in a family-friendly environment.
Kalkan / Merkez
8 People / Private Pool
163 €

Kalkan, Ulugöl , 2 rooms, Private Pool Villa,TT198

Our villa in Ulugöl, Kalkan is a luxurious honeymoon destination with a private pool, garden, and a stunning sea view. It comfortably accommodates 4 people with 2 rooms and 3 beds.
Kalkan / Ulugöl
4 People / Private Pool
163 €

Kalkan, İslamlar , 1 room, Private Pool Villa,PP183

Our villa in Kalkan, Islamlar is a luxury, sea view property with a private pool and garden. Perfect for 2 people, it offers a cozy environment with a range of facilities including AC, BBQ, and a Foosball table.
Kalkan / İslamlar
2 People / Private Pool
166 €

Kalkan, Üzümlü , 1 room, Private Pool Villa,GG190

Our villa in Üzümlü, Kalkan is a perfect honeymoon spot with a private pool and garden. It offers luxury with a jacuzzi, BBQ, and indoor pool. Just a short distance from the sea and centre.
Kalkan / Üzümlü
2 People / Private Pool
168 €

Kalkan, Çavdır , 1 room, Private Pool Villa,FF261

Our villa in Kalkan's Çavdır resort is a perfect honeymoon spot with a private pool, garden, and luxury amenities. Enjoy nature scenery and privacy with an invisible pool from the outside.
Kalkan / Çavdır
2 People / Private Pool
171 €
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